Kruger National Park

(Update October 2018:
We have made a little video presentation of the pictures.  You can watch it here.)

We are in the Ngala Private Game Reserve inside Kruger National Park.

We are in a tented camp, but in a pretty luxurious way....  Basically we do two safaris per day.  The morning one starts at 6:00 am.  At 4:00 pm we depart for the evening safari.  Each safari lasts around three hours, depending on what we see. We come back after dark.  During the heat of the days the animals are fairly passive as temps run around 105F/41C

We have seen the most amazing animals in their natural habitat: a pride of lions, a leopard and her two cubs, impala, giraffes, elephants, wildebeest, buffalo and rhinos....

This trip is exceeding our expectations!